Random Color Generator

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What is random color generator and how to use it?

Random color generator is a tool that generates random colors and displays them in HEX, RGB, CMYK, and HSV formats. It may very useful for designing websites or while using photo editing programs. Sometimes we can't decide which color to use. We try different colors but none of them fit to design or so we think. If you are in those times, you can use this random color picker. When page loads, random color generator picks a random color for you but if you don't like to generated color, you can click generate button again. Our random color algorithm is based on math. We pick random numbers between 0 and 255 for red, green, and blue. Then convert it to HEX, CMYK and HSV formats. We will explain these formats below.
As we mentioned at above, our random color picker first picks numbers for RGB. RGB is the color model represented in red, green, and blue colors. This model is based on how humans see colors. I mean, all colors are variants of red, green, blue color or some mix of them. So RGB model is based on the human perspective. Also, RGB has some different color spaces such as; sRGB and Adobe RGB. Adobe RGB has 35% bigger space than sRGB. It sounds good, right? Not so fast. Both of them are beneficial only for specific use cases. Even Adobe RGB has wider color space, but all computers do not support all colors in that space. If you want to publish an image with Adobe RGB to the web, some colors may appear dull. But it is not the case for sRGB. sRGB has narrower space than Adobe RGB but it is more compatible with computers. Other than this, if you are going to print designs Adobe RGB may be your choice of color space. Because if the printer supports Adobe RGB, printed material all fully reflects all colors in Adobe RGB space and compatibility will not be an issue.
The HEX format is an abbreviation of a hexadecimal numeral system that uses a radix (base) of 16. We convert R, G, B values to which is base 10 to base 16.
The CMYK format is for acronym cyan, magenta, yellow, and key. CMYK is mostly used in the printing process.
The HSV format is an acronym for hue, saturation and value and also known as HSB (hue, saturation, and brightness). This format is alternative representation of the RGB colors. This format is mostly used in histograms or converting grayscale images to RGB color space.
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