CSS Minifier and Uglifier

What is css minifier and uglifier and how to use it?

Online CSS minifier aka. uglifier helps to reduce file size of CSS. The structure of CSS will be the same, but the extra whitespaces will be removed, identifiers compressed, and unnecessary definitions will be deleted. So, the space occupied by the CSS will be reduced. It is very useful for reducing bundle size and improving your website's response time. Also, it checks whether input text is a valid CSS stylesheet or not. After minifying operation ends; reduction percentage, before and after size can be seen in result box. Just paste CSS code into editor then click to minify button. You can unlimitedly use this CSS uglifier for free and forever.
Online JSON minifier helps you to minify JSON text to reduce its size by removing all white spaces.
Online HTML minifier helps you to minify HTML to reduce its size by removing white spaces, minifying CSS and Javascript codes, and removing comments.
CSS formatter aka. linter, is tool will help you format and validate your CSS code on-the-fly. Just paste CSS content to editor and click to format button.
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