Base64 Encode

What is base64 encode and how to use it?

Base64 Encode is a tool that encodes text using base64 format. Using Base64 encode is a good option for sending information over a network.
The Base64 is a group of binary-to-text encoding schemes that represent binary data in sequences of 24 bits. Each Base64 digit is a 6-bit byte. This type of encoding is used to make sure that binary data is safely transmitted across communication protocols. This method is also used in showing image files on the websites, email attachments and in text files. Base64 encoding is often recognized by the presence of padding characters at the end of the encoded string. These padding characters can be either optional or required depending on the protocol.
Just paste text that you would like to be encoded and click encode button. Also, you can check URL Safe option to encode text using base64 encode url function. This means, encoded value can be used in URLs safely.
Encode URLs to safely transmittable format over the internet
Base64 Decode is a tool that decodes text that encoded via Base64 format. Just paste text that you would like to be decoded and click decode button.
JWT decode; debugs and decodes JWT to show header and payload parts.
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