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What is convert curl to code and how to use it?

Online cURL Converter is a tool that helps you convert cURL string into selected language's http request code. You can use it for converting cURL to PHP code or converting cURL to python code or converting cURL to javascript code or any language that available. It's free to use and does not require any registration or downloads. Just paste cURL content to editor and click convert button. You can also change engine for better results. For example; 'Rule' engine runs fast but 'AI' runs slow but provides better results.
cURL is a program that transfers data over the internet. cURL can be used from the command line or from scripts. But, it is mostly used from the terminal and it is very handy. cURL is default installed the most operating systems. So it is very popular and today cURL is installed on billion of devices. Thanks to cURL, you can send GET, POST, DELETE, and PUT HTTP requests also with adding custom request headers and the request body from your terminal or scripts. You can see an example of usage below. You can try it by opening your terminal and pasting the following command.
curl --request POST
When using cURL from the command line, the user has to specify options to pass to the command. The options are specified before the URL or data that is to be transferred. The most common options are used to specify a request method (such as GET or POST), the type of data to be transferred (such as plain text or binary data), and authentication credentials.
Using cURL to transfer data over the Internet is a very simple process. All that is required is to open a terminal window, enter the command line options, followed by the URL or data to be transferred. Once the command is executed, the data will be transferred to the specified destination.
In summary, cURL is an incredibly useful tool that can simplify many tasks. It is easy to use and is available on most operating systems. As such, it is a great tool to use for transferring data over the Internet or for automating tasks.
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